Legendary France fashion designer Christian Dior is famously known for his impeccable design of women clothing and attire. Dating way back from 1947, his prototype designs bombarded the fashion industry with positive reviews and this has not changed to date thanks to Bernard Arnault who keeps Dior’s torch burning.Jennifer Lawrence for Dior book tote

Among some of the most iconic Dior products are fashion and designer bags that have flocked the wealthy market today. Bags, as simple as they are, portray a high sense of fashion and can tell a lot about a person. This is very relatable to ladies as handbags are considered a major fashion accessory besides depicting class and a good sense of taste. Among one of the most common handbags designed by Dior is the Dior Book Tote, that is popular thanks to Jennifer Lawrence

Dior Book Tote.Dior Book Tote bag about

When we talk about beauty and boldness, we can as well sum the two up into one word, Dior. The Dior Book Tote is one of the most versatile and contemporary designs of ladies handbags you will ever come across. The Book bag has flocked the market since its time of production and still trends to date and this is why:

Dior Book Tote street fashion
DUESSELDORF, GERMANY – MAY 05: Maria Barteczko is seen wearing grey linen oversized blazer Stella McCartney, grey inen wide leg trousers Stella McCartney, logo book tote bag Dior, logo high top chucks Dior on May 05, 2019 in Duesseldorf, Germany. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

a) Simplicity: When it comes to simplicity, nothing can beat the Dior Book Tote as far as handbags for ladies are concerned. Some would even say it is a simple replica shopping bag as it has no major features such as added pockets, bracelets attached nor an extra saucy design shape.Dior Book tote bag size

b) Size: The Book Tote is indeed really big with an average size of 16″ wide, 13″ high and 2″ deep. It can thus handle all your belongings, together with some extras pretty comfortably

c) Design: The interior design of the bag is simple, plain and fabric lined. It has no zippers or pockets hence you may toss in basically anything and everything you want. The exterior, on the other hand, is a simple fabric pattern with the words Christian Dior embedded into its structure. Of course, there is an additional space for your name on it.

Celebrities who love the Dior Book Tote. celebrity loves Dior bag

The Dior Book Tote is embraced by many celebrities who find it charming. Rihanna is often seen rocking in the Book bag thanks to its ability to perfectly blend with different clothing. Karlie Kloss and Naomi Campbell have fallen into the charming spell of the Dior Book Tote bag and so is Jessica Alba who is fond of showing up for events rocking the Book Tote.


The Dior Book Tote is a bag so simple yet so attractive that you will love it. It blends easily with almost any dress code and is a good choice when you are going for that top notch event or after-party.


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