January 2020


Prom on your wrist: Dior VIII Grand Bal Cancan watches review

How to explain the complicated mechanical structure from an aesthetic perspective is always the subject of the watch industry. Especially for lady watches, no matter how particular the polishing process of the movement is, turning it to the front to see it is not beautiful, how can it be qualified? Successful works must be creative and stable and must be refreshing and market-tested.

Due to the large area of the automatic dial, the movements of many self-winding watches cannot perform well; some use micro-automatic dials, which are placed somewhere on the plate and quietly rotate, plus special engraved patterns to achieve beauty; Some use a ring-shaped automatic disc that surrounds the outer ring of the movement as if it does not exist at all. Whether it is miniature or circular, it does solve the problem of “too large automatic disk” to a certain extent, and then it shows a more fine modification of the mechanical process. However, Dior chose a different path. Without intentionally reducing the area, the automatic dial was directly placed on the dial and rotated in front of the wearer’s eyes.

The advent of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series of watches opened up a new horizon for the design of the dial, and the technology of the inverted dial was also patented by Dior. Now that the self-winding oscillating weight for the watch has been placed on a disc that is always visible, the delicate decoration is especially important.

Among them, the Dior VIII Grand Bal Cancan series is named after the dance “Cancan” that was popular in France in the 19th century and is still performed at the Moulin Rouge. The light feathers are set on the dial and the rose gold automatic dial. With big and small sparkling diamonds, it is very eye-catching; when the wearer swings his wrist, the automatic plate turns like a dancer’s skirt into a gorgeous posture.

The design is inspired by the brand’s founder Christian Dior’s love for the ball. It not only has creative ideas to connect cultures but also combines machinery with jewelry and feather inlaying technology. High-tech ceramic and rose gold case, diamond-set bezel and crocodile leather strap embellish the luxurious texture. Looking at it is like enjoying a romantic ball on your wrist.

The watch’s diameter is 38 mm. The watch is equipped with a Dior Inversé 11 1/2 self-winding movement, a power reserve of 42 hours, a sapphire crystal mirror and back case, water resistance to 50 meters, alligator strap, limited to 88 pieces each.