We all want to be toting real Dior handbags when riding the Metro or the subway to our jobs in Los Angeles and New York City. But 59 percent of us ladies who are Shopping Galore wannabes and riding public transport fall below the poverty line and can’t afford in reality an authentic $5,000 Dior bag.

Who would buy a replica Dior when all of a sudden, you avoid certain friends you see when you happen to have yours hanging on your shoulder (handbags) or fitted on your feet (shoes and sneakers) when you happen to chance seeing them in a mall? But do you know, in this day and age, that fake Diors have premium quality that competes with the real ones and several times, even exceed their durability?

Why spend a lot more (by tens of thousands of dollars) on real Diors when there is a real possibility that your inner circle and even your colleagues at the office won’t even know the difference between a real and replica Dior?

With these thoughts in mind, you should know then, the difference between genuine and imitation Dior (if there are any, at all). But even after this explanation, if you are inexperienced, you might not still be able to tell the difference between genuine and imitation Dior. But it is to your advantage isn’t it, because others will be looking on and thinking, When can I have one myself?


Take a look at the stitching. The real ones have even and symmetrical stitches. The iconic Dior Cannage quilting has small and even stitches from a relatively thin but strong thread.

The replicas have asymmetrical stitching. On the shoe paneling, authentic Diors are transparent with a bit of blurriness. On the replicas, the paneling is white.


On the genuine Dior sneakers, the signatures are finely printed. The letters are fade out black and there is a creamy white background that blends well with the patchwork.

In the imitations, the Dior logos are deep black with a pale white background.



On the handbags, the real ones have their logo stamps perfectly centered in the middle of the leather tag, and they should be embossed in silver or gold. The stamp should be embossed with no color running through it.

Original Dior sneakers have rectangular shaped logos. There is no spacing in between the letters of the logo.

The replicas don square shaped attachments. The spacing between letters can be noticed and the logo is larger.


Real Lady Dior handbags have beautifully arched handles that are strong and stay in place when they are not being held. The replicas have handles that move from side to side and even squeak.

Brand new authentic Lady Dior handbags have their handles wrapped in paper while the replicas are wrapped in plastic.


But most people you will encounter will never know the difference between a real Dior product from a replica because they don’t have any knowledge of the small details which distinguish a real Dior from an imitation. And you wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars more on a real Dior when you also get satisfaction from the quality of a well made Dior replica.



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