Shopping tips of Dior Book Tote 2020


DIOR shrinks “Book Tote”! Dior Mini Book tote is Rihanna’s favorite bag recently!

DIOR’s classic bag “book tote” has been a super hot red bag since its launch in 2018. With the trend of Book Tote bags, “book tote” also launched the new mini version.

The band released three versions of blue, burgundy Oblique presbyopia and denim. Although the bag type is mini, there is absolutely no problem with putting mobile phones, wallets, and lipsticks. This bag is already Rihanna’s favorite bag recently.

Dior Book Tote debuted in the spring and summer of 2018. The simple Tote bag-shape makes it light and practical. The minimalist appearance also allows it to be renewed with the theme every season. Although launched less than two years ago, it has become Dior’s new classic It Bag, which is favored by numerous celebrities and nobles such as Rihanna, Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell and so on.

The large Book tote bag measures 41.5 x 35 x 18cm, while the newly launched mini measures 24x 22.5x 8cm. Another difference is that the handle of the new Mini Book Tote looks like part of the bag itself without obvious stitching lines.Dior mini Book Tote

Probably heard everyone’s voice, Dior has launched small and mini Book Tote one after another in these two seasons. The small Book tote is scaled down directly on the large size. The Mini version has also been updated in the package design: the dome-shaped handle has been changed to be integrated with the bag body, and the flat appearance makes it more attractive and appealing.

Three sizes are compared: Mini: 22.5 x 24 x 8cm, Small: 36.5 x 28 x 17.5cm, Regular: 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm.

Like the original Book Tote, the newly launched mini bag still uses Oblique printed canvas as the starting series, because it is the most classic and most recognizable. The Oblique pattern was born as early as the 1970s and was created by Marc Bohan, Dior’s third creative director.

It is available in blue and burgundy this season. Exquisite embroidery crafts create a three-dimensional shadow effect of Dior Monogram. Christian Dior logo is on front. The flat bag-shaped bag is like an ancient book in the hand, which is very suitable for carrying paperback-sized books and some daily necessities.

The mini model can also be used as a decoration when it is held at the wrist! ~ But compared to the large size, the mini size is not suitable as a shoulder bag, and it is more stylish and eye-catching when it is carried on the hand.

Compared to the large and mini sizes, the small Book tote is a more practical version. It can be used as a commuter bag and can store MacBook pro thanks to the extra-roomy space.