What about Dior men’s show and Shawn Stussy


Turning menswear into art: Kim Jones successfully brings Dior men into the new era in his way

In March 2018, Kim Jones announced that he was the artistic director of Dior Menswear. In June of the same year, he released his first Dior menswear collection in Paris, thus starting a “Kim Jones” era. Not long ago, Kim Jones also won the Men’s Designer of the Year award at this year’s British Fashion Awards.

In the late 2000s, the most anticipated fashion collaboration was the collaboration between Dior Men and Shawn Stussy.

In March 2018, Dior Homme has officially renamed Dior Men. The name change was only the first move of Kim Jones in charge of Dior Men. After that, Dior Men worked with KAWS and Hajime Sorayama, respectively, completely breaking the serious stereotyped impression of Dior Homme. Dior Men is being shaped into a new world of menswear aesthetics.

Kim Jones tries to combine some local, people-friendly street design with couture fashion culture, not only for his own interests but also to break through the “Depression felling” that Dior menswear has always inherent.

The collaboration between Dior Menswear and Shawn Stussy has ignited the curiosity and expectations of the entire fashion industry long before the show. In addition to the reason that  STÜSSY is the originator of fashion, it is also because Kim Jones himself is a super fan of street art. Forty years ago, a surfboard with Shawn Stussy’s signature was a trending item for surfers. Today, Shawn Stussy reinterprets Dior’s logo with his iconic graffiti font, and the letters in the match head run through the series.

This season’s warm and complicated prints are impressive, such as those graffiti logos drawn by Shawn Stussy on coats, shirts, trousers, ties and so on.

The luxurious snake print is also a highlight of this Dior Men’s 2020 Summer Show. Whether it’s a motorcycle jacket, Bermuda shorts, slim trousers or a Saddle bag, you can find snake-like figures. Extensive patterns and blooming flowers, classic plaids and stripes complement each other, showing a metallic luster under the light, chic and high-end. OBLIQUE printed canvas has also become the protagonist of sweaters, trench coats, and tote bags this season.

Kim Jones boldly stacks many different prints and uses a sense of disorder to build a sense of order. If you look closely at the show’s models, you will find that at least one solid-colored item was paired with the printed outfits -the weight balance is very important unless you want to dress as a butterfly.

In addition to the tote bag that intersects with various prints, the small saddle bag is still eye-catching: solid color model, belt bag, Stussy hand-painted logo design, snake pattern style, OBLIQUE print finish, metal limited edition …